Gaston and the Adirondack Raceway

                Somewhere along the line, Maurice Broderick and his management team decided, for some reason, they didn't want to operate the track. For the 1964 season, regular driver Gaston Desmarais of Tupper Lake was installed as the promoter of the speedway, whose name was changed to Adirondack Raceway. As nearly as I can tell, the types of cars and the manner in which the shows were staged did not change much. As far as I can see, the Desmarais era lasted only one season. This page will not have a buch of photos because of the fact the cars were largely the same as the previous page.

Bob Mackey Photo via Mike Watts, Sr.
Sadly I goofed up the screen capture of this shot of Gaston with the pace car.

Bob Mackey Photo via John Rock.
Gaston, Mrs. Desmarais, and the kids pose at the track in 1964.

A Few Special Adirondack Photos

Bob Mackey Photo via Phil Butler
Bernie Kentile,
Saranac Lake, NY
Worked for Nephew and got to drive this car occasionally.

Bob Mackey Photo via Phil Butler
Phil Spiak,
Troy, NY

Bob Mackey Photo via Phil Butler
Eddie Pieniazek,
Schenectady, NY
Jerry Rose's 93

Bob Mackey Photo via Phil Butler
Charlie Trombley,
Mooers Forks, NY
Ray Hanson's sedan that was garaged almost in the shadow of Catamount Stadium.

Bob Mackey Photo via Phil Butler
Jim "Sapphire" LeClaire,
Plattsburgh, NY
Harold Healey's 70


Bob Mackey Photo
Gaston listens in on a conversation between one of his officials and legendary Lou Lazzaro.

Ladabouche Collection
What gets confusing here are two things: 1. the NASCAR record book
still refers to the tracks as Airborne. 2. Gaston is seventh in points.
I had supposed he didn't drive that season.

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