to.... John Charles Ladabouche

     My Uncle Jake is the only reason I have dedicated a large part of my life's energies to stock car racing. In the picture he is seen holding me in 1949. When a race track opened up nearby our town, around 1950, my parents and Uncle Jake and my Aunt Kaarin went off to see the races...... and took me along. I think just about everybody at least took a brief look at the sport back in those optimistic post - World War II days.

    I was utterly fascinated. I can still actually recall many details about the races - at Rutland, Vermont's Pico Raceway - despite being only around five or six years old at the time. My parents lost interest fairly soon, and the opportunities to see races in the area dwindled to nothing; but Jake never lost interest. Until I graduated college and left the area, he willingly took time off from his job as the town's only policeman to chauffeur me to Fairmont Speedway, Fonda, Otter Creek, and Albany-Saratoga. I doubt he always felt like it, but he never let me know that.

Uncle, in his usual spot in the Fairmont Speedway bleachers [grey head and glasses].

    I have loved stock racing so much that I have retained a huge storehouse of memories and information about it, to this day, despite the fact I do not really attend races any more very often. As I have begun to build this website and to dig up so many photos and names from the past, I only wish Uncle Jake was around to see it. He would give his usual little giggle, which meant he was really impressed, but didn't know what else to say. I miss him and that giggle, and I think of him often when looking at vintage racing materials. Thanks Jake !

    I would also like to thank my two sons, Whitney and Justin; my parents Joe and Peggy Ladabouche, and my wife, Roxanne for all their support. I also could not have gotten this going without generous help from people like Cho Lee, Neal Davis, Otto Graham, Lew Boyd, Rick Parry, Bob Novak, and so many more whose names I will eventually have to include on a special thank you page.