Warrensburgh, NY native Ben Gurney told me the story of how he thinks the race car number "Super 38" came into existence. He syas there was a Chevrolet dealership in town, Maltbie Chevrolet. [It seems many medium to smaller towns used to have either that or a Chrysler or Ford dealer, up until that became less practical]. Beb  recalls being told that there was a clock on the wall in the service area of the dealership that had "Super Service" arcing over the clock face, and that the original team that had a
Super 38 car likely used that as the influence on their unusual car number.

           That number choice also may have inspired Hudson car builder Vern Baker to field his first early - 30's Hudson coupe as "Super 6" [ that would later come back as the 6 Pack" in the 1960's]. I have been told that the earlier Super 38 ran  at the track in SWarrensburgh, as well as at Granville, NY and possibly at Stateline Speedway. I suspect if it was a Warrensburgh Speedway regular, it also ran Whites Beach Speedway, in Ballston Lake, sometimes a sister track to Warrensburgh. I think Nelson Moore was one of the drivers of the early Super 38.

            The car [or at least the number] came back in 1962 with Warre nsburgh's Dick Pennock, who kept that number on blue and white cars through 1964 or 65, when he moved away from Fairmont Speedway and on to Fonda and other tracks, running a late model Chevy and dropping the "Super". I have, in the past, mistakenly assumed Dick did not race much after around 1968, but he has sent word that he ran a modified at Lebanon Valley into the 1970's. The Pennock Super 38 holds a special place in my heart as it was the first car I saw when Fairmont was re - opened in May of 1962.

            Thus far, I have no materials or photos on the 1950's Super 38 [and darn few of Pennock's cars either]. I hope to add to my trove as opportunity arises.

I still have no photo of the
first Super 38 of Pennock's

Ladabouche Photo
This second version first appeared in brown primer after Dick had wrecked the first car on a Saturday night at Fairmont in 1962.

From Dan Ody's 8 MM Old Speedways DVD's

Dick, at speed in turn 2 at Fairmont, 1962.

Ladabouche Photo
This third version first appeared in 1963. Superbly detailed down to the metalwork inside, it may have been the 1962 car re-worked. I have no idea. 

Ladabouche Photo
This final version [as far as I know] first appeared in 1964. It closely resembled the sportsman cars which appeared the following year at Fairmont. Push truck man and former driver  Johnny Spafford admires the as yet - unnumbered car.
 Gater Racing News Photo
Dick at Fonda, around mid 1960's, with a late model.  I think  he was using #138 here. This makes me wonder about a #138 seen in White's Beach photos in the 1950's.

Courtesy of Diane Pennock Butler
Dick, at the Valley, in the 1970's.

Christian "Ti-Gaz" Genest Photo
Courtesy of Arnie Ainsworth

Dick, at the Valley, in the 1970's.

Courtesy of Dan Ody
A car 138 rolling at White's Beach, in the 1950's. Could it be a Pennock car ? or maybe from the original Super 38 group ? 


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