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This is the more direct method of doing yourself in  - Al was far more creative.

The Unlikely Saga of Al Sanders

        Otto Graham never ceases to be amazed at the exploits of his fellow central New Yorker, Al "Suicide" Sanders. Unlike a lot of guys who either were given - or gave themselves - racing nicknames, this moniker for Sanders was richly deserved. He seemed to carefully craft race cars that would not only give him maximum effect, but would rise up and try to kill him. And, whether on the big mile track at the New York State fairgrounds at Syracuse, or just some local track like Midstate Speedway, in Morris, NY, the team of driver and car strove mightily to actually let Al kill himself.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
This could be the sketchiest  car Al
came up with. Lightly braced with something completely unacceptable for a cage, and with
header collectors made of juice cans, it was a dangerous rocket of a car. Al sat over the rear end so hecould "feel" the car.
I bet he sure did that !

        Well, the  team failed - because [the last I knew] Al is still around NewYork - at a ripe old age. He still keeps some of those racing beauties, too. I just thought he was the kind fo guy who deserved his own page. I don't really know Al, except through what Otto has put near his photos, but I have grabbed every car photo of Sanders I could find. You will find that wreckage and building are integral parts of the Sanders bio.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
How could Jack Armstrong, the All American Boy here end up with a nickname like "Suicide ? [Easy, just watch him]

Courtesy of Otto Graham
This could be the first  car Al
Courtesy of Otto Graham
One of the 46 cars.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
Another of the 46 cars that has seen better days.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
A relatively normal looking 46 car.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Building one of his cars, in the midst of a channeling job.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
With friend, Jack Dinkens in Florida preparing to build a car. 
Courtesy of Otto Graham
His 1959 Midstate Speedway car.
Both Photos Courtesy of Otto Graham
Supposedly he bought a Clark brothers 45 coupe proceeded to drill it full of holes to lighten it up.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
One of the Syracuse adventures that ended in a wreck. Check out the short wheel base on the 46.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Making himself another weapon. Al was not afraid of work, that's for sure.

Courtesy of Starin Family
The outcome of the holey Clark coupe at Syracuse. 
Courtesy of Starin Family
Another view of te outcome of the holey Clark coupe at Syracuse. 
John Grady Photo
A NASCAR legal sportsman cojupe at Fonda. In one Fonda program, He was listed as being from Florida.
Courtesy of Rick Parry
Another coupe that did not work out. 
Midstate Club Photo
The former Bob Adams L8, at Midstate. 
Courtesy of The Bullfather
Sometimes it went well..... 
Courtesy of Otto Graham
..Sometimes it didn't.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Bobby Adams with the same car. 
Courtesy of Otto Graham
An atypical car at Midstate. 
Courtesy of Conde & Parry Website
Another NASCAR sportsman- or the same one renumbered.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
A cheesecake with a mico mini in Florida.


Otto Graham Photo
With modified great Bernie Miller at a Midstate Speedway reunion. Al is in the foreground.

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