All These Shots From Red's Collection, Courtesy of Steve and Sharon [Dooley] Blow

Thanks also to Mike Dooley who really wanted to give me these shots, but had no scanner.

Red stands on the
running board of this
vintage wrecker and
watches a crewman
adjust something on the


 A big wreck on the back stretch. Dooley's sedan
is in the foreground. I cannot identify the
other cars. One might be the 13 of Ronnie Farnsworth.

 Red's more advanced
#V2 coupe. Maybe Mrs.
Red at left.

 My favorite shot. Red leads the F80
of Don Smith, son of the infamous
Ivanhoe Smith [Smitty]

 Harland Dooley strikes
a jaunty pose with
the V2 coupe.


 Gordy Owen leads Red
on Malletts Bay's back

 The field lines up on
the front stretch. Note the
railroad ties sunken in
to offer some fan safety.


 Red Dooley, at speed,
on the front stretch
at Malletts Bay.

 A field lines up on
the front stretch.
Red is in the V2.

 Red's field thunders into
Turn One.

 Red plows into a very
strange-looking car.
I cannot figure where the
cars are on the track in
this shot.

 Red leans sadly on
the radiator of his wrecked coupe. Note the drive-
in theater in the background


Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of
John Rock and Adryce Blohm

Red at Airborne Park Speedway
around 1954. Love the helmet.

Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of
Darrell Tucker
Red at Otter Creek Speedway
around 1961, waiting for the fire to be doused in team mate Wayne Chandler's car.

 Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of
John Rock and Adryce Blohm

Red is the above car at far right in this heat at Otter Creek Speedway
in 1961.
Beaver Dragon is in the white car in 2nd and Jack Dubrul is oin the car #1 speeding along the outside.

 Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of
John Rock and Adryce Blohm

The team mates sit i nthe pits at Airborne around 1960. Chandler is in the car at far right and Red is
hidden behind to Wayne's left.
 Bob Bushey Family Photo
Courtesy of Jack Anderson

Red loses it at Harvey Moody's Green Mountain Speedway in the early '50's.
 Bob Mackey Photo Courtesy of
John Rock

I had accidentally id'd Rusty Reed as Red
in an Airborne shot of the 6 7/8, but
this is actually Red with the same car.

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