Rutland, Vermont

Photos from an Opening Day 8MM Film

      New York racing historian Dan Ody gets a hold of many old racing movies, ,many of which he has offered on DVD. In January of 2011, he sent me a clip of his latest, and Pico Raceway was on it. Thanks, Danny.

Rutland Herald Photo by Aldo Merusi,  Courtesy of Rutland Historical Society.

I had this shot from the The Rutland Herald for quite some time, not knowing a single car in the shot.  That #47 on the outside pole shows up in almost
every Pico photo you will ever see. I wish I knew who he was. We now know that the #1 [a considerable more sophisticated car than most that day] is
Leon Goddard, of Granby,  Connecticut, who won a heat race and finished well in the feature, close behind winner Roy "Pappy" Forsyth, of Keene, NH.
Below is a series of shots I got off the 8MM movie that show Goddard and his car. He appeared all over the Northeast, as did several other COnnecticut drivers at that time.

Goddard takes the
checkers from starter-
Chet Hames.

Goddard is caught
leaving his car after
 the heat win.

Goddard checks something
in his #1 CT car.

Another, similar shot.


A full view of the Goddard car as it pulls away from handing back the flag to the starter.

Dan Ody 8MM Film
A  car #01, now thought to be owned by a man named Whittamore, in action in turn 4. The other car is eventual winner Roy Forsyth.


Dan Ody 8MM Film
An unidentified car #1, not Goddard, in action in turn 3.

Courtesy of Jerry King
In this great lineup shot, the 6 of Jack Barney is seen, behind Johnny Degraff [13]. Below is a set of photos of Barney,
taken from the car behind him, mostly in or around the third turn. 6 7/8 is George Connors and the 43
is Art Morgan. At far left is supposedly Jerry King.

Dan Ody 8MM Film
Barney approaches the third turn.

Dan Ody 8MM Film
An unidentified car Barney is
chasing appears ahead.

Dan Ody 8MM Film
Barney goes into turn 4.

Herbert Family Photo
Another view of the
Jack Barney car -
at Stateline Speedway.


Dan Ody 8MM Film
Another view of the
opening day crowd,
perhaps bolstered by
hundreds of free kids.

Dan Ody 8MM Film
An unidentified car #9,
shown in turn 4 at speed.

Dan Ody 8MM Film
That same car #9, shown
chasing another, unknown black car. I have recently heard the 9 might be an early Jerry King car.

Dan Ody 8MM Film
A field pours out
of dusty turn 4.


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