I recall Len West briefly for my Catamount days, as he not only ran a LMS there briefly, but he was instrumental in the racing efforts of Dave Greene, from Plymouth, NH. Len has sent me a number of his personal photos - some are better that display than others. His photo documentation of the Dave Dion Grand National racing effort at the 1979 Richmond 400 may the best [and only] such work. We all know the story of his showing up in the school bus, to the amazement and disdain of all the Good Ol' boys, and then proceeding to wow them with his early speeds. We all also know how that bunch conspired to keep him from getting any decent tires. According to West, who went down with the Dions in a support role, only the kindness of fellow Ford teams like Junie Donleavey and the Woods brothers allowed Dave to get any rubber.


LA West
The Dion team arrives
at Richmond with
their highly -
sophisticated hauler.

LA West
The Dion car was surprising
fast, but it lacked the right

LA West
Those Yankee strangers
at work on their low
budget rocket ship.

LA West
Under incredulous eyes,
the boys go to work on
the Nordic Ford.

LA West
Dion, at speed, during
his head - turning laps.
LA West
Dion, awaiting his turn
to time trial at the 1979
New England 300.

LA West
The Dion pits at the
1979 Oxford 250. What was
with all the cars having that
open space in the rear ?


LA West
Kevin Lepage at the 1979
Oxford, prior to becoming
"Kevin Lepage".

LA West
Chuck Bown's 6 banger
at 1979 Oxford 250.

LA West
Butch Lindley at the
1979 Oxford 250.


LA West
The Mike Barry pits
at the 1979 Oxford 250.
Notice the same open
trunk on the Phil Gerbode

LA West
Robbie Crouch waits
to time trial at Catamount
around 1979.

LA West
Stub Fadden waits
to time trial at Catamount
around 1979. [Below]
another Stubby shot

More West Photos Later

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