CATAMOUNT IN The Burlington Free Press

Mostly 1969 to 1973

Likely, 1973. Those are second version cars for both drivers.

Likely, 1972. That's the year he got that sponsorship.

Likely, 1972. That's the 16 Year - Old Sensation,
Ronnie Bonnette, of the Hurricane division. [with hair]

Likely, 1973. I think he won the title with the new car.

Likely, 1972. Looks like Fadden's first Chevelle.

No way to tell which year it was; but, this was the height
of the animosity in the stands between Cabana and Dragon fans.

Likely, 1973. I think that is when Richie Panch raced with us.

Likely, 1972. It looks like the first version of the Woods Mopar.

1972. Jerry Driscoll had won at T Road. Little did
people know he was an accomplished record = setter
in the Mt. Washington hill climbs - one of the oldest
motor sports events still taking place.

Could be either year - he was good in both.

Likely, 1973. Looks like Rosati's second season colors.

1973. In 1972, Barcomb's backup car was a full - sized '63 Fairlane.

Don't know what year that was, but look how young Goldring looks there.

Likely, 1972.

Around 1969 or 1970.

Moe Dubois - Likely, 1970

Russell Ingerson - 1970

Likely, 1970. Just having built this to replace another wrecked Chevy,
Tom Tiller dances this one off the wall at Thunder Road around September.

Likely, 1971. Fadden's Dodge as his first late model sportsman.

Around 1969.

Likely, 1973.

1971. Barcomb win the car show, with Ray Lasnier's [left] body work.

1970. The Dragons were not running at Catamount.

1970. Barcomb would win the state title with this car.

Free Press artist Hubert Bushey did artwork
similar to this on several Catamount drivers.

1969. Bobby Dragon talks in Victory Lane after
winning the annual Silver Crown race at Barre.

1973. Bob Dragon and visitng superstar Tiny Lund at a
Catamount pit meeting. Later, when Lund pushed Bob in
a heat, Bob pushed him back - harder.

1970. 11 Larry Parsons, 14 Orrill Martin, 43 Johnny Malone.

1970. Ed Doggett and the first Chevelle.

1970. Barcomb chases Dubois, who would finish second to him in state points
that year. Both had two cars available that year.

1970. Brothers - in - law Moe Dubois and Bob Giroux.

Courtesy of Chip Letter

Courtesy of Chip Letter

Courtesy of Chip Letter