When C.J. Richards was going to re-open the old Fairmont Motor Park Speedway as "Fairmont Speedway, the Fastest Half Mile in Vermont', he placed some articles in the local Rutland Herald, promising some stock car stars of some prominence who were coming to make his opening day a success. Some of the promised stars never came; but, one who was true to his word was a very youthful driver from Pownal, Vermont named Butch Jelley.
    Jelley had already been seen in the area, a year before, when the Vermont State Fair in Rutland had featured a stock car program sanctioned by Lebanon Valley Speedway, just south of the border in New York. Jelley had drawn a little more than his share of attention - probably because his car sported a letter "Y" on the side, rather than a number like everyone else had.
    Butch once explained to me that this unusual identification had double meaning - a. the highly-unusual exhaust system on the car came to the back, forming a Y at one place; and b.) it also answered the rhetorical question why he was racing: "Y not ?" Jelley was driving for his dear friend and father figure, Ed Winn, of North Adams, Massachusetts at that time.
    Jelley made a splash at Richards' opening show, and appeared at Fairmont several times more in the first few seasons. He then went on to drive for several prominent car owners in a long and successful career: Martin Riiska and Austin Dickerman, to name two. In 2005, at age 65, Butch participated in yet another season - this time at Devil's Bowl. Recently, a bout with cancer has kept the likeable Quick Stop owner on the sidelines.

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Butch, with Ed Winn's
Y, at Fairmont in 1961

 OuterChild Photo
Butch, with his own
Y, at the Valley
 around 1963

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Butch ran a few shows
with Ed Winn's M2, usually driven by Frank Hatch. Y, at Fairmont in 196


Cavalcade of Auto Racing
Butch with Ed Winn's Y

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Butch showed back up
at Fairmont in 1964 just
before going to Riiska.

OuterChild Photo
Butch, early in his
tenure with the
Martin Riiska X

OuterChild Photo
Butch in one of
the earlier X

Photo by A. Ainsworth
This shot became
familiar - especially
in Victory Lane


Photo Source Unknown
When the Valley
went to late model
bodies, so did
 the X team

Photo Source Unknown
A steadily-maturing
Jelley with another
of Riiska's top
notch rides.

OuterChild Photo
Butch spent some
time with the #90 team

Devil's Bowl Photo

Turn Five Photo
Jelley, at
Lancaster in

Jerry King Photo
Jelley spent a few
features in Jerry
King's 99


Jerry King Photo
Jelley receives a
cake from the Jerry
King Fan Club. That's
Jerry on the right


Arnie Ainsworth Photo
The former Harold Mantayne ride.

Photo Source Unknown
In the Dickerman
357, probably at
Devil's Bowl

John Grady Photo

Bill Ladabouche Photo
Jelley enjoys a talk
with Frank Hoard, Sr.
and Ed Fabian at
a car show in Rutland
in 2006.

A. Ainsworth Photo
 A newer version of
Riiska's X

A. Ainsworth Photo
 A newer version of
Riiska's X

A. Ainsworth Photo
 Driving a Cagle coupe,
numbered especially
for him.

Courtesy of Andy Boright
The Dickerman Vega,
at speed.

From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old SPeedways DVD

The Winn Y at Lebanon
Valley in 1961.

From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old SPeedways DVD

More of the Winn Y at
Lebanon  Valley in 1961.

From Dan Ody's 8MM
Old SPeedways DVD

More of the Winn Y at
Lebanon  Valley in 1961.
Good shot of the cartoon.

Chuck Ely Photo
Courtesy of Bob Ely

A former Caglesedan,
owned by Curt Prescott.
Jeff Ackerman Photo
 With a 3 window Riiska
Ladabouche Collection
A Riiska Falcon -
everyone had one at
that time.
OuterChild Photo
Another look at the
OuterChild Photo
Butch in one of
the earlier X
rides - the color version
of an above photo.
A. Ainsworth Photo
My guess is that this is
Victoria Speedway. Otherwise
he'd not be apt to be by
the Barbuto 2 when it was
riven by Jeep Herbert.

From the All Star League Program
Butch was on the Valley team, the
only year that rack was in the League.

Courtesy of Otto Graham
Butch, later in his career,
in the Berger 26 at Valley.
Our Clubhouse Photo
Butch, later in his career,
in a newer car at Valley.
Leb. Valley Classics
Butch and Bev
in Vic. Lane at Valley.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Another shot of the
Dickerman modified.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Butch, with Marty B.
and the Cagle coupe
 at Valley.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Butch, winning at Valley
with Prescott's ex - Cagle
sedan that terrorized
Devil's Bowl for so long.
Leb. Valley Classics
At Devil's Bowl with
the Larry Faulkner
Kustom Keepsakes
Fame induction.

Peter Neff Photo
An additional award.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
One of his post - Riiska
Herttica Photo
The same coupe as
in previous photo.
Courtesy of Bob Simpson
via LVC

The Williams and Kingsley
Olsen Eagle 28.
Courtesy of Dave Healey
via LVC

The Berger 26 an early
Olsen Eagle.
Courtesy of D.Bowl Program
Butch, with one of the
Riiska cars he used
at Devil's Bowl.
Courtesy of Bob Kilburn
Another brief stint with
Ed Winn and this 467.
Bill Ladabouche Photo
Leaving Fairmont in 1963
with the Ed Winn M2.
Bill Ladabouche Photo
Another shot of  Ed Winn's M2,
usually driven by Frank Hatch.
at Fairmont in 196

Bill Ladabouche Collection
Another shot of the three
window coupe.

Courtesy of Ken Pill
A Riiska look-alike
sedan owned by
Devil's Bowl driver
Charlie Brown.
Morris Photo
Another coupe he
ran at the Valley.
Courtesy of Otto Graham
Color portrait.
Courtesy of Ron Wetzler
In a sedan which I think
had just been bought
from Cagle.
Courtesy of  Ron Wetzler
A well - used Riiska
Falcon at the Valley.
Ladabouche Photo
A Jelley - owned Gremlin
at Devil's Bowl around
Chuck Photo
A Jelley - owned Gremlin
at the Valley around
Cavalcade of Racing Photo
A Riiska - owned Falcon
at Devil's Bowl .
Bob Hoffman Photo
The Prescott sedan
at one of the big
Fall races.

Bob Frazier Photo - Ladabouche Collection
Day One - Fairmont Speedway -Memorial Day 1962. Still my favorite photo.

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