The Final Points Race At Stateline 1952

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          I am not entirely sure how many years Stateline Speedway had been operating by 1952. I know that it was, for all intents and purposes, the final year of the Pico Raceway in Rutland; but I believe the Bennington track had been going strong and would continue until the end of the decade. These point standings, as supplied by Phil Miller, son - in - law of Steve Danish, are very significant in how early they are. I am going to do my best to talk about every driver for whom I have either information, a photo, or both. Thanks Phil.

Click on any driver's name which is in blue and hopefully it will take you to his photo.

Driver Name Car Number Address, if known Points
Steve Danish 61 Jr. Cropseyville, NY 995
Al Parry F84 Granville, NY 695
Charlie Morse 467 Williamstown, MA 593
Pete Corey 95 Crescent, NY 515
Ted Langlois 12 Connecticut 475
Jeep Herbert 3 Rotterdam, NY 440
Earl Skiff 25 Unknown 305
Wooster Eames 59 Marlboro, VT 305
Dick Gaumond 5 Unknown 285
Hank Schmidt F40 Gansevoort,  NY 270
Al Danish 61 Crospeyville, NY 215
Ed Coon 22 Unknown 195
Don Rounds 101 Warwick, RI 182
Pete Corey 35 Crescent, NY 180
Paul Roberts 0 Unknown 150
Gordon Ware 45 Unknown 148
Harold Kyer P61 Valley Falls, NY 140
Walt Roberts 9Jr Catskill, NY 135
Bernie Ingersoll 100 Unknown 135
Don Hendenberg 1 Rome, NY 135
Bob Telford 28 Unknown 134
Steve Bouplon 66 Unknown 130
Bob Elliott 58 Marlboro, VT 124
Shank Harrington 23 Unknown 115
Lou Lucier 416 Northbridge, MA 112
Spence Parkhurst 36 Saratoga Springs, NY 105
Bill Bouplon 7 Unknown 100
Don Courtney 123 Schenectady, NY 96
Harry Eastman 38 Unknown 92
Phil Barbeau P38X Massachusetts 89
Bobby Day 7 Unknown 75
Harold McCarty 79 No. Adams, MA 65
Phil Marks 6 Unknown 60
Phil Baker 4F Massachusetts 56
Bob Zimmerman 52 Albany, NY 55
Doug Garrison 99 Poughkeepsie, NY 51
Ollie Palmer JO Westmere, NY 49
George Welch 27 Schenectady, NY 45
Al McLaughlin 49 Unknown 40
Ken Delong K9 Whitehall, NY 37
Leon Goddard J5 Granby, CT 36
Bob Ruchdeschal 74 Scotia, NY 33
Ray LaBonte 6 Unknown 25
Paul Brozyna 52 Schenectady, NY 25
Bub Berchwinger 17 Unknown 20
Bill Therrien 107 Unknown 8
Leon Goddard 1 Granby, CT 8



Danish Family Photo
Steve Danish

Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Al Parry

Courtesy of CJ Richards
Charlie Morse

Corey, Jr Collection
Radbruch Photo
Pete Corey, 95

Courtesy of Ken Gypson
Ted Langlois

Herbert Family Photo
Jeep Herbert

Courtesy of Ken Gypson
Dick Gaumond

Courtesy of Ron Hoffer
Hank Schmidt


Danish Family Photos
Al Danish [right]

Courtesy of Phil Miller
Ed Coon

Ladabouche Collection
Don Rounds

Pete Corey, 35


Courtesy of Phil Miller
Paul Roberts


Courtesy of Phil Miller
Harold Kyer

Courtesy of Phil Miller
Walt Roberts

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Bobby Day

Courtesy of Jo Towns
via Otto Graham
Don Hendenberg

Courtesy of CJ Richards
Spence Parkhurst

Don Courtney Collection
From the Fonda
Don Courtney
[With Walt Roberts' Car]

Courtesy of Ron Hoffer
Phil Baker

Garrison Family Photo
Doug Garrison

[With Owner, Barney Tompkins]

Ladabouche Collection
Jollie Ollie Palmer

Courtesy of Ken Gypson
George Welch

Ed Feuz Collection
From the Fonda
Ken Delong

Leb. Valley Classics
Leon Goddard, J5

[Henry Bouchard's Car]

Ed Feuz Collection
From the Fonda
Bob Ruchdeschal

Courtesy of Phil Miller
Bill Therrien

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Leon Goddard, 1

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Steve Bouplon

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Bill Bouplon

[Below, left  #7]]

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Wooster Eames

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Bob Zimmerman

Courtesy of Jerry King
Paul Brozyna
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Aldo Merusi Rutland Herald Photo
From Rutland Historical Society
Harold McCarty

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Bernie Ingersoll

From Dan Ody's 8MM DVD
Ray LaBonte

[Henry Bouchard's Car]

Dave Brooks Collection
Courtesy of Dave Jr.
Phil Barbeau

Burlington Free Press
Lou Lucier

Courtesy of Bob Elliott
Bob Elliott


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